In-Life Testing

Testing can be performed during the life of the product to monitor and improve its ongoing performance.

• New Product Testing of samples directly from incoming first shipments, and ongoing periodic checks throughout the life cycle can ensure that quality is being maintained. Packaging, User Guides and accessories are checked in detail and all cosmetics, functions and capabilities verified. Build quality is also verified through our Teardown analysis against the IPC Standard.

• Returned Product Testing can be performed, on products returned via distribution channels to identify issues and advise recommendations.

• Benchmarking tests against competitor’s products are offered for you to assess your products competitive position within the market. A suite of tests and inspections can be performed and a report detailing results and conclusions produced.

• Reliability Testing is available to identify problems, reduce customer returns and improve overall quality.

We offer to investigate problems and recommend improvements, which could lead to reduced returns and increased customer satisfaction.

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